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Let's Bust This Myth
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Let's Bust this Myth
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The first week in September I found myself lying flat on my back in the hallway breathing through the second panic attack of the month. I read somewhere that eating something sour when you feel on the verge of spiraling into anxiety could redirect your nervous system so I learned to carry a handful of those 90s throwback warheads in my pocket for such an occasion. 

What triggered this episode I couldn’t tell you. Knowing how physically and emotionally tapped out I was at the time, it was likely something as harmless as the question, “What’s the plan for dinner,” that sent me over the edge. What I can tell you is that while I was lying there, my face distorted by sour candy and disappointment in myself for the state of my unvacuumed carpet, my only thought was, 

Guys... I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired...

I don't have time for this...

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how our bodies know even before our minds accept it that the life we are living is not compatible with how we are designed to live. And rather than listening to these warning signs and opting for the change of pace my body was screaming for, I took the easy way out by carrying hard candies with me wherever I went to trick my mind into thinking I wasn’t heading straight towards a crisis.

Maybe you, like myself, feel trapped in a cycle of busyness and hustle which is so ingrained in your daily routine that you feel taking a pause could disrupt your growth, productivity, or financial stability. 

I’ll dub this lie the hustle culture, and it is an unfortunate byproduct of living in a society that thrives on competition and scrutiny. 

Please hear me out...

From one parent to another.

From one business leader to another.

From one entrepreneur to another.

You weren’t designed to sustain this level of hustle. Regardless of what your upbringing taught you, your previous employers expected of you, or your social media feed has portrayed to you, there is no glory in hemorrhaging your time, energy, and health for the sake of success.

As parents, business owners, and entrepreneurs, we’ve bought into a lie that is slowly killing us. 

It may seem hard to believe, but it is possible to achieve your goals and provide for your family without losing the very essence of what makes you, well, you!

I’m going to level with you, friend. 

the Bust the Hustle Challenge


I’m giving you permission to slow down and restore your mind, body, and spirit to a place of health and thriving.

In fact, I’m making the argument that the fast pace you’ve been living is actually the greatest hindrance to your life and success.

We at Amanda Doherty Press, LLC are taking a radical stance against hustle and busyness during what should traditionally be the busiest season of the year. 

So here is my invitation to you, friend.

For the next 30 days, we are committing to this social experiment which I believe will restore not only our health, but our cohesiveness as a family, our priorities, our time, our creativity, and even our faith.

And we would like for you to join us.

Say no more, I'm in !

Pay attention to what I’m saying, friend -- when was the last time you heard an entrepreneur or even worse, a marketer, tell you it was time to slow things down a bit?

I’m willing to bet that the secret to your next explosion of growth and success has little to do with a 100-point marketing strategy or a routine that leaves you lying on the floor in exhaustion every day but instead has everything to do with investing in the restoration of what makes you -- the business owner -- well, you!

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Still not convinced? Read on my friend!

Have we met? I'm Amanda

I'm here to help your business grow and that means, I'm here to invest in YOU. Want to learn more about we do around here? Click below to take a look around!

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These simple yet valuable challenges go beyond "treat yourself to a manicure or bubble bath." Instead, they target one of four intentional goals to either 1) Restore, 2) Invest, 3) Restructure, or 4) Rebuild the way you approach your to-do list.

These daily challenges will come in the form of a weekly email which will outline your daily challenges for the week AND provide you with a variety of free resources to help you continue your journey.

Here's What You Can Expect

30 Daily Challenges

4 Weekly Emails



Each week, you can expect to find a short coaching video in your inbox outlining some new thought patterns and encouragement to help expose blind spots where hustle culture could actually be holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Weekly Devotions
& Encouragement

Did I mention?

Our team at Amanda Doherty Press, LLC will be posting our attempts at the daily challenges on Instagram at @amandadohertypress. Share your journey as well by tagging #bustthehustle and join dozens of other business owners who are ready to ditch the workaholic lifestyle.

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Oh, and by the way!


How It Works

your mental, emotional,
spiritual, and physical health
so that you can operate at
optimum performance.

1) Restore

in your why.  What did you set
out as a business owner to do? What priorities do you need
to readdress?

2) Invest

systems and a lifestyle that is founded on HEALTHY boundaries and workflows to protect your greatest asset -- YOU!

4) Rebuild

Each daily challenge is designed to accomplish 1 of 4 goals:

the toxic patterns, habits,
systems, and relationships
that have weighed you down
for so long.

3) Restructure

Just think -- one year from today you could be reaping the benefits of this time you took to invest in yourself. How amazing is that?

So let's get started!

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