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You and I both know that the one thing that separates you — the entrepreneur — from the thousands of people who love the idea of opening a small business is this:

Wholehearted dedication and commitment to the story behind your business.


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Hint: That's where I come in. 

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You started this venture to share a product or a service with the world.

And you’re d*** good at it too, might I add…

It’s everything else — the invoicing, shipping profiles, taxes, social media,
sales funnels — that gives you pause.

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Say it with me friend:

is no small endeavor

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I'm Amanda, and I get it.

I launched my first business in 2015 purely out of financial necessity. My husband and I had to find $60k to complete the adoption of our son, Desi. Two years later, I found myself in South Korea holding my forever son for the very first time. 

My second business launched in 2019 which enabled my family to move across the country to partner in a local church plant here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

This business, Amanda Doherty Press, is here to help YOU see your next dream or calling come to fruition. I did it solo but that doesn't mean you have to! 

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Whether you're ready to launch a side hustle, rebrand a soon-to-be thriving business, or streamline workflows and funnels, I'm here to help. Take it from a lifelong DIYer, you can't do everything yourself so outsource the tasks that will make the most impact. Click below to learn more!


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"She is truly a God-send for small business owners and mompreneurs like me. She will be our go-to source for coaching, SEO, and website optimization forever!"



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