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We're all about jumping off cliffs around here.

we're here to make your next jump less daunting.

You started this venture to share a product or a service with the world.

And you’re d*** good at it too, might I add…

It’s everything else — the invoicing, shipping profiles, taxes, social media,
sales funnels — that gives you pause. But as any entrepreneur would tell you, owning a small business requires you to jump off a series of no-turning-back cliffs. 



Brand Identity

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SEO, Brand, & Web Design Services

ADP has been a reliable and consistent resource for our SEO needs. Whether consulting or for-hire contract work, her knowledge and skills have helped us to improve our SEO standing and strategies at The Perfect Workout. I can confidently recommend her for your business as well.

dewey, marketing director

“Her skills helped us improve our SEO standing and strategies.”

Hiring Amanda will be one of the absolute best investments you make for your sanity and for the future of your business.

“One of the absolute best investments.”


sheena, filmmaker & director

It's one thing to get the. contract, it's another to have someone there with you going through challenges and will stop everything to pray! I am excited about working with Amanda Doherty Press over the years.

"I have the best marketing partner on the planet."

I was screwed over by a few different companies on my website. I gave Amanda a try and she went way above and beyond what I expected! I own a painting business and have never seen customers from my website until she rebuilt it. Now I'm getting 3+ phone calls a week!

"I would leave a 10-star review if possible."

jason, painter

make the investment your
brand deserves
don't settle for a cheap or in-the-box developer
let us show you what's possible
stop playing by the rules.
give them hell, friend

work 1-on-1 with a business coach to create a long-term strategy to launch, grow, or scale.

Invest in a website which leaves your competition in the dust.

rebrand your business to level up your prices and ideal client appeal.

Wholehearted dedication to the story and core values behind your business.

That's where ADP comes in. We work exclusively with business owners who desire a holistic design experience - one which integrates the power of solid branding, cutting-edge design, and SEO-inspired content to help you connect with your ideal client and convert those leads to sales.

The one thing that separates your business from all the others is this:

you and i both know

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I launched my first business in 2015 purely out of financial necessity. My husband and I had to find $60k to complete the adoption of our son, Desi. Two years later, I found myself in South Korea holding my forever son for the very first time. 

My second business launched in 2019 which enabled my family to move across the country to partner in a local church plant here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

This business, Amanda Doherty Press, is here to help YOU see your next dream or calling come to fruition. I did it solo but that doesn't mean you have to! 

I'm Amanda, and I get it.

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1-on-1 business coaching and marketing consultations

holistic web design coupled with sales copy and on-page SEO optimization

brand-identity & Competition research

The primary goal of ADP is not the be the most affordable service provider.

We're here to be the most effective.

What's why we've niched down to just three services which will give you the most solid foundation you could ask for:

Brand Strategy

Website Design

1-on-1 Coaching

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"She is truly a God-send for small business owners like me. She will be our go-to source for coaching, SEO, and website optimization forever!"


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Bonus, you'll get an hour-long FREE consultation with a member of my team to discuss the findings and create an action plan to improve your rankings AND your sales!

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