True story, you don't have to settle for a prebuilt template from Simple Practice. In fact, I can almost guarantee that by doing so, you're missing out on booking the clients you want to book, and are settling for what the templates bring in.

Fully Custom Branding & Websites for Therapists

ditch the lotus flower logo...

There's a better answer...

Therapists, psychologist, counselors all come to ADP with a similar pain point: 

They want to book high-quality, private pay clients, but are currently fielding inquiries left and right who cannot afford their hourly rates, or rely exclusively on what insurance mandates to be the quality of care they can pursue. 

Breaking this cycle takes commitment, a significant investment of time and resources, and a massive step of faith. ADP can help you navigate this process through a collaboration and counsel of some of the most successful therapists in the country. 

Brand and Websites for Therapists


Identify Your Unique Niche in the Industry, Position Yourself to Book Your Ideal Clients and Charge the Rates You Deserve

we can help you:

We believe in the power of what you provide your clients, and want to help you reach them!

With two adopted kiddos, we are not strangers to the therapy scene. But when it came to researching the best options for our sons, we were less than impressed with what we found online.

It seemed like the only two acceptable logos for therapists and counselors at the time were either a lotus flower, or a stack of balancing rocks. Likewise, the obligatory heart-shaped paperweight along with the standard purplish-blue hues made me think: 

Wow, is this outdated design a reflection of the outdated services they have to offer? 

A little backstory...

As a counselor or therapist, the caliber and value of your services is first established through your website. If the site looks outdated or cheap, so do your therapy services. A luxury approach will establish you as a leader in your field and allow your practice to grow unhindered for years to come!

a holistic and modern approach to therapy websites & branding


Meet Julie Reichenberger, owner of the wildly successful group therapy practice, Denver Metro Counseling, who dominates the search results for Denver therapy queries. 

The greatest gift I could offer you as a marketing strategist is an hour of time with an expert in your field who can help clarify and strengthen your business plan prior to starting the web design process.

Licensed Therapist Marketing Consult


Say it with me: high-ticket design equals high-ticket clients. 

You don't have to be everything to everyone. There are plenty of therapists who can help the clients that fall outside of your niche and hourly rate. When you aim small, you miss small in the marketing game, so narrow your focus and elevate your brand!

Gorgeous Design


Become the local hero in your industry by prioritizing local SEO as a strategy for your desired service areas. Currently, my top-performing client is ranked in the top spot for "therapist in Denver" with 1.4K clicks per month. What could you do with that kind of traffic?

SEO-Optimization & Improved Rankings


A website's primary job is to create a customer journey where clients are eager to engage with your content, and ultimately book a call or appointment slot. 

We work with a number of CRMs including Simple Practice and can integrate these systems directly into your website to create a flawless onboarding process.

Strategic Customer Journey



Authentic growth that will only increase as time goes by. 

Charging the prices you feel best reflect yours services while minimizing or eliminating insurance headaches.

A brand and website that highlights your value over more affordable options like Better Help.

Increased web traffic which leads to more clients inquiries and less time marketing on social media.

How Does This Sound?

Sit back and relax while ADP curates a designer-worthy website worthy of your talents and services.

step four

You'll receive a custom contract, invoice, and Client Welcome Packet upon receipt of your first deposit so you'll know what to expect throughout the process.

step three

We'll meet to discuss the goals for your website, how you'd prefer to break up payment, and when you'd like to get started. 

step two

Fill out a quick form to gain access to my appointment calendar. If you live nearby, I'd love to treat you to a coffee or beer, otherwise, we'll book a virtual appointment.

step one



A year from now, you could be sitting in the exact position you find yourself in today 

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$1.5k in savings

  • All items included in the custom website package
  • A full brand identity ($3,500 value)
  • Core values & positioning statement
  • Full logo suite
  • Ideal client avatar
  • Industry analysis




  • Up to 5 fully optimized page designs
  • Blog setup and organization 
  • Standard On-Page Optimization
  • Competitive Research
  • Sync to Google My Business account
  • Optimize and geotag photos
  • Update URL & page titles to include keyword 
  • Wire frame and mockup approval prior to build Original copy for all pages
  • Sync site with Google Search Console & Analytics Sitemap Submission

most popular




ADP can accommodate any website platform for a website of any size. Below are our base prices for our most popular website packages. If you're considering a rebrand in your future, combine these services for $1.5K in savings.

Popular Packages

A CRM subscription is not included in this price since these typically require a monthly retainer, long after your website is complete. We will, however, provide coaching and recommendations of our favorite CRMs based on your industry and services. Also, many CRMs offer a discount for our clients so we'll be sure to share this info as well.

Does this price include an email marketing platform or CRM?

You bet! We provide additional services for copywriting, SEO, and keyword research to help you improve your Google rankings and serve your customers more effectively. 

Once the website is launched, I'll send you an email with descriptions of these services so you can decide which services you'd like to outsource and which you'd prefer to complete in house.

Will you help me grow and maintain my website after it has launched?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps Google know what you're all about and match your services with search queries typed into the Google search bar. 

Without SEO, you're at the mercy of relying solely on sharing your site via social media and paid advertisements. SEO brings organic traffic and makes Google do the work for you free from expensive advertising costs.

What is SEO and why is it important? 

ShowIt paired with Wordpress is our top contender contenders which make up about 95% of the websites we build with case studies to back up our findings - but we're open to suggestions if you have something else in mind!

Which website platform(s) do you work with or recommend?




"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.

$1.5k in savings




most popular




Popular Packages

My team and I place your goals and vision above all else. This means that while we may share best practices with you to improve your website traffic and conversion ratings, you're ultimately in control of your brand and we will do what we can to make sure your vision truly sings. 

No one understands your vision, products, and services more than you do. YOU are the secret sauce to this brand, and it's our job to make sure your customers can get a clear understanding of what you're all about. That's why we ensure every word and image is approved prior to uploading. 

Once your website is done, we'll provide a shoutout and a few backlinks to help bring some much-deserved awareness to your beautiful new site.


remember, you're in charge

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's schedule a time to discuss those concerns!

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