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4 Web Pages Every Small Business Needs to Build a Successful Website

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January 12, 2023

If you’re looking to grow your business by attracting new customers – while keep existing ones in your orbit – here are the four web pages that are crucial to your small business’s success.

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Every business needs a website with at least four fundamental pages. 

Yes, needs is a strong word, but I stand by this claim wholeheartedly.


Because these specific pages are the tried and true method of providing your potential customer the information they need to decide they want to keep shopping…or bounce to another website.

If you’re looking to grow your business by attracting new customers – while keep existing ones in your orbit – here are the four web pages that are crucial to your small business’s success.

1. A Conversion-Driven Homepage

Web pages home page

The home page is the metaphorical front door of your online business. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses with offerings similar to yours. Will your brand stand out from the competition enough to pique your readers’ interest?

Just as you purposefully design a welcoming entrance to a brick-and-mortar store, an equally intentional strategy should be implemented on your website’s homepage. With captivating copy and spot-on branding, your target audience will be hooked!

2. Services or Product Category Page

Web Pages Services Page

This page is the equivalent of your business’s front window and signage.

If your ideal customer happened to come across your website, would she know what value or solutions you have to offer her in a single glance?

According to Microsoft, the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds – and it’s only getting shorter.

You know that your products or services are exactly what your potential customers need. However, it’s the job of the service or product category page to rapidly prove this to your readers.

Think of the act of window shopping. What would instantly make you pause, look back, and walk into a cute boutique downtown? 

Now implement the same strategy on your website so that your products or services are quickly and clearly conveyed so your ideal customer clicks to find out more. Otherwise, you’ve lost them.

Long-Form Sales Page

Web Pages Sales Page

Think of this as a one-on-one conversation with a potential customer.

If you’re a service-based business, creating a sales page for each of your services is essential. 

Treat each sales page like a discussion, answering potential objections or questions before she has a chance to vocalize them. Include social proof by using a variety of reviews, case studies, or portfolio listings so it won’t just be your word they have to rely on. Be sure to emphasize the unique benefits the client will experience working with you.

This is a place for your brand and strategic copywriting to shine as you walk your reader through their specific pain points and share how your services can provide some welcome relief. 

In short, use these pages to help them visualize how splendid life can look after they’ve worked with you!

4. Contact Page

Web pages contact page

The Contact Page is the direct line to your business.

Nearly 60% of consumers agree that they will likely go to a competitor’s site if they cannot find your contact information easily on your website.

No matter how thoroughly FAQs are answered elsewhere, someone will have more questions. But a contact page goes well beyond access to information.

This contact option conveys your commitment to open, clear communication. Dialogue can occur via email, phone call, text, or even a chatbot. It just depends on your capacity and the needs of your audience.

However, it’s not enough to simply say “Leave your message here.” The contact page needs to be designed with brand consistency and have instructions that clearly tell your reader what the next steps will be, how to get in contact with you, and when they can expect to hear from you.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Website Is Effective?

If you’re reading this thinking, “Great, but what do I do with this information?” or feel a little overwhelmed, that’s OK – I’ve been in your shoes! Just researching this topic proves that you’re on the right track.

Amanda Doherty Press is dedicated to helping passionate small business owners like you build and refine their websites every day. If you’d like some professional insight into the effectiveness of your current website, we would be glad to offer you a free audit and consultation ($150 value) for free.

Yup, free.

And if you’re local to Fort Collins, we’ll sit you down at a favorite coffee shop or brewery to discuss the results of your audit in person.


Because we want to see your business thrive as much as you do! 

Click here to book your free website audit & consultation today.4 Web Pages Every Small Business Needs to Build a Successful Website

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