Your New Life Starts and Ends with Faith:


September 7, 2022

Launching a business takes guts – and I can’t think of two individuals more worthy of celebration.

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“I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my own daughter. If I ever ask you to stay when you hear the Lord telling you it’s time to go, run as fast as you can, and don’t look back.”

Those were the words my headmaster, Glenn, spoke to me as I handed him a white envelope – one we both knew held a document neither of us wanted to acknowledge. 

His wife, Angie, stood behind him beaming with pride even through tears. I had seen that look many times in the five years I taught in the classroom across from hers. 

The day I completed my Masters degree.

The day I showed her the first photo of my son from our adoption agency. 

And now as I resigned from a life that felt comfortable and steady to move across the country to live out a dream I knew would be the hardest transition I’d yet to face. 

Glenn and Angie embody faith in a way I have yet to experience since I left this teaching position four years ago. 

I’ve met many who will step out in faith, but few who can see straight through the fear and doubts of others to call out a gifting they perceive needs to be exposed and refined. 

Which is why when I saw Angie’s name pop up on my phone a few weeks ago with a request to develop a brand for their new Christian leadership school my answer was yes. 

Because for a couple as special as Glenn and Angie, the answer will always be yes. 

And because more individuals in their developmental years need to be exposed to leaders who 1) believe in their God-given abilities and 2) will equip them to live more powerful lives. 

So cheers to you, Angie and Glenn, on this new adventure which I know will be paved with both hardship and blessing. 

I wish I was there with you to celebrate this momentous accomplishment of saying “yes” to a calling and life of which you are more than deserving. 

But I hope for now you’ll settle for a brand and logo suite to mark this massive leap of faith and enable you to serve the students of Wilmington, NC as you prep to launch Northside School of Christian Leadership in 2023.

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  1. Crystal Sampson says:

    Two of the best examples of God’s Love and Greece that I have ever had the privilege to work with. Glenn and Angie are amazing people of God and I can’t wait to see where God is taking them. Amanda, you knew you couldn’t get rid of all of us that easy… ?. Love and miss for all very much and the family we had “back in the day!”

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